Q. Do I have to report my accident to my insurance company?
A. No, many people prefer not reporting the accident to avoid higher insurance premiums as a result of the claim.

Q. Do I have to take my vehicle to the autobody shop my insurance chooses?
A. No. Insurance companies are only giving you a suggestion. You are always allowed to take your vehicle to a collision repair shop of your choice.

Q. If I choose to take my vehicle to a repair shop other than the facility suggested by my insurance company, can I still get a lifetime warranty?
A. Yes, most high quality repair centers offer a lifetime warrany.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment at Tremont Village Autobody?
A. Yes, we prefer that you make an appointment.

Q. Who qualifies for a rental?
A. If you are filling a claim against another person's insurance company, you are eligible for a rental covered by that insurance company. If you are filling a claim with your own insurance company, you must have rental coverage on your policy for the insurance company to pay.